Car Key Cutting

Have you ever lost your very last set of car keys before? It can be an expensive mistake and can cost you a pretty penny for you dealer to get a new one, not to mention 2 weeks off the road. Why not get a spare auto-transponder key duplicated for much less cost from Unique Locksmiths.

What is an Auto-Transponder Key?

Auto -transponder keys are found on modern vehicles they provide the radio transmission between the car or motorbike and the key.

The key is programmed to only start a specific, individual car or motorbike. That means, only the person who is in possession of a vehicle's transponder key will be able to start it. Transponder keys reduce the opportunity for car thieves to steal a car.

What You Need to Know About Getting Your Car Keys Cut

If you've Lost All of Your Car Keys

Whether your keys are lost stolen or broken they can easily be replaced through an automotive locksmith or through your car dealer. If you use a locksmith it will save you money. Older basic keys cost less to replace than newer transponder keys. Transponder keys will need to be programmed so that your vehicle recognise the newly cut key. This can be done by either your car dealer or locksmith.

What You Will Need to Have to Get Your Keys Cut

You will need to prove you are the owner of the vehicle. Have your license and registration on hand to verify your identity to the locksmith. If you aren't the owner then you will need to discuss what documentation you may need to prove you have permission to get the keys cut. Any professional automotive locksmith will want to make sure you are obtaining copies legally before proceeding with the work.

Are you sick and tired of broken car locks, flat transponder batteries, lost car keys or struggling to turn on the ignition in your vehicle? Unique Locksmiths can help, with our auto locksmith services.

At Unique Locksmiths we do not limit ourselves to the basic auto locksmith services like retrieving keys locked in cars or car key cutting. We offer a full range of services to help get your car locks, keys and even the transmission to the best it can be for a fraction of the price of a car dealership.