BMW Replacement Keys

We provide 'replacement' keys for BMW. But, what is a replacement key in fact? Is it a spare key, or is it a key because you have lost all your keys, and now you need another?

It may seem like a curious statement, however it is essential for our team to know the circumstances. A situation where you have lost all of your keys will inevitably be more expensive than if you have a working key, and what you need is a second key; this is what we call a spare.
Providing you with a key and getting it programmed to start your BMW if more difficult if you have no keys at all. If you have at least one working key and you need another key (spare), to replace a missing spare key, then this will usually be cheaper than if you have lost your keys. This is because slightly less work is required.

You have various options to obtain a replacement BMW key. Of course, a main BMW dealer is always an option - usually more expensive. A clone key is also an option. We do not recommend these due to some problems which can occur during diagnostic procedures.

We strongly recommend that if you are going to have a replacement BMW key, that you do it properly. Our engineers are very experienced and can advise you what is going to be best for you.

To find out how much a replacement BMW key is going to cost you, and to answer any other question relating to your car keys, please give our team a call.

Important information about replacing BMW keys

When you contact one of our engineers, please be sure to provide ALL the information they ask for. They will want to know that your vehicle is a BMW and also its model and year. In many cases they will want to know the registration number. If you are contacting us about some other car keys related problem, please be sure to give the person you speak to as much information as possible. Only with all the information can you be provided with a clear indication of price.